And so it begins..

Guys I'm finally here. I finally have a blog (no I don't count my tumblr circa 2009 as a blog). This is something I've always wanted but this past year I've spent a lot of time dreaming about actually starting a blog. It wasn't until I talked to my girl Meagan that this dream really became a reality. The only thing better than one girl two girls blogging! Why not? The two of us have a lot in common while also being completely different. Here at Bliss you get two points of view and two personalities. It doesn't get much better than that!


The only thing is...I'm not so sure how to start this thing. I have tons of blog post ideas. List after list after list. I make them on every single app available to me across every platform (even paper!). But none of those are good first blog post material. So here I am. Basically just saying whatever comes to my mind. I'm even texting Meagan and telling her how ridiculously this is going. But's my first blog post. Cut me some slack. One day I'll look back at this bad boy and have a good laugh.

So...I guess it would be a good idea to tell you what to expect here at Bliss, huh? Well for of my big things I've wanted to blog about is beauty. I'm pretty low maintenance but cosmetics and skin care is something that fascinates me. Especially now that I've started creating my own skin care and have personalized my skin routine to my oily acne prone skin. So expect a number of posts about my journey to the perfect skin care routine (because trust's a definite work in progress).

You can also expect a whole lot of honesty. What's the point of me sitting here writing a blog post if I'm not being 100% with you guys. One thing that's very important to both me and Meagan is being honest in our posts. I can easily lie and paint this perfect picture of my life here on this blog. But that just wouldn't be honest and frankly...what's the fun in that? This is a learning process for me too. It's my first blog after all!!

Do I sound excited? I'm pretty excited. This is going to be a ton of fun. But..all good things must come to an end and so shall this post before I ramble on for too long. I know our readership is pretty low....arguably zero (other than Meagan and my mom). But please leave a question down in the comments you have for me. What do you want to see on this blog? Any problem I can help you with?