Fave Essential Oil Accessories

Hey friends! I've used essential oils for two years now, and in that time I've figured out what gadgets and do-dads I feel like I need to have on hand, and which I can do without. So today, I wanted to share my favorites with all of you! Do you need these things to get started with oils? Absolutely not! But! They make life easier. And I like things that make my life easier. So let's get to it, shall we?


1. Journal- I don't know how many times I've whipped up an amazing roller and later can't remember for the life of me what (or how many drops!) I put in it. Enter: a cheap journal from Target. I like to write down my favorite ways to use a single oil, diffuser recipes, & roller blends. If you want to get super fancy, number the pages and create an index in the front few pages so it is easier to find the oil in question! Similar here and here

2. Oil bottle labels- I currently store my oils on a cart, so I only see the tops of them. So for me these labels are a MUST! Get them here. (Don't have a Young Living account yet? Get that here!)

3. Roller bottles and labels- One of the easiest ways to apply essential oils is with a roller bottle. If you use Young Living oils, you can order Roller Fitments that attach directly to your oil bottle (one comes in the Premium Starter Kit!) Or you can grab some roller bottles! I use these for any blends that I make. I love these and these. And labels! Sure, washi tape works just fine. But aren't those labels just dreamy?! Whimsy + Wellness has beautiful labels and you can get them on their own or already applied on rollers. I also love these labels by my friend, Sara. I mean, how cute is the personalized one she sent me for Chester?!

4. Jars- The dollar spot at Target almost always has little glass jars available and I almost always grab some when I see them. They are perfect to use to whip up bath salts as a last minute gift, or to store chest rub, or for dry shampoo!

5. Inhalers- No, these are not tampons. They are little nasal inhalers! Perfect for RC, Peppermint, or this "Spring Trio" which is good for any seasonal challenges. Get them here!

6. Reference books- If you don't have some sort of reference book yet, please get one! The pocket reference is full of information about every single oil and blend, what it's good for, and where to apply. Oil + Glass is beautiful, organized into easy to navigate sections, and has tons of amazing recipes. 

7. Carrier oils (with a pump!)- There are lots of different carrier oils, and certain ones are good for different things (Kerra wrote about that here!) I use fractionated coconut oil when I make rollers. This one comes with a pump, which makes it so easy to fill the rollers!

8. Diffuser jewelry- Another easy way to wear your oils is with diffuser jewelry. There are so many options out there, but I love tassel necklaces (similar here), this dainty necklace, and these bracelets. If you are super lucky, your creative best friend may make you a bracelet like the one in the picture ;)

9. Essential oil bag- Throwing your oils in your bag is fine, until you go to grab your Stress Away and come out with a nail polish (just me?...). I like to keep my oils in a cute bag made especially for oils, with little spaces for each bottle. It keeps my disaster of a purse a little more organized. Check out some pretties from here and here

10. Vegetable capsules- One of the great things about Young Living oils is that they are safe for ingestion. We have a whole Vitality line of oils labeled to take internally. This can be directly in a drink, in soups or marinades, or in a capsule. I always have some of these in my bag for when I eat one too many tacos and need some DiGize + Peppermint STAT!

There ya have it! If you use oils, is there any accessory you love that I missed? I'd love to hear! If you don't use Young Living oils yet, I send quite a few of my faves to new members, ;) so go here to learn more or email us for more information! 


p.s. Did I say "gadgets and do-dads"?...