I hope you don't mind..

This post might just be another rambling mess of words that come straight from my brain (and my heart). I'm currently watching This Is Us (all the emotions), knowing I'm a little behind on my blogging schedule and staring at a post I've been working on for days. It needs a lot of work. Graphics. Descriptions. It's a post that deserves a lot of my attention and this week...I can't give it a lot of my attention. So it's going to get some more time because it deserves that time.

That means this weeks post is going to be another personal post. No time like the present to be honest and soul-baring, amiright?

Do you ever feel like you're at a crossroads? Like you need to make a series of big decisions and try desperately to come out on top somehow? One path is full of risks and uncertainty while the other is perfectly lit up and understandable, but less than ideal because of a number of circumstances? Yeah that's what I have going on right now. It's not exactly...fun. But it's certainly exhilarating. Like I'm standing on the edge of an extremely windy cliff with a questionable hang glider on my back faced with the choice to jump. Or just go home and change into pajamas. It's a hard choice...because I really like hanging out in my pajamas. But the view from the cliff is to die for and I know the hang gliding ride would be exciting. (This is super vague. I promise I'll let you in on more details about my crossroads later).

See the thing is....I'm such a big chicken I got a tattoo to remind myself to be courageous. Literally.


See? I got this tattoo right before I graduated college to remind myself to be courageous with my design work and never settle for easy or comfortable. I needed a permanent reminder on my arm (where it would be perfectly visible to me) to show me that I need to take risks, no matter how scared I am. But the truth is...I've definitely settled into easy and comfortable. I'm being a huge chicken and I need to buck up and take a few risks. My first one...is starting this blog. Of course, I did it with Meagan which makes it a little less risky. But I have a few more risks lined up in the wings and I'm waiting to launch them out over that crazy windy cliff. Eventually I'll take the plunge myself, but first I need to get some of these projects that have been trapped inside my head out into the world. What's the point of being creative if I don't ever share my madness with y'all?

The truth is I have too many interests to count. Calligraphy, hand lettering, volunteering with animals, cosmetics, skincare, essential oils, sulfate free shampoos, baking, (attempting to grow) plants, coffee, David's Tea, Ed Sheeran's new CD, design, organization, my cricut....on and on... and on...and on. I seriously could keep going forever. The issue with having so many interests is that my attention span is split between each and every interest. So I almost never (no really...never) get anything substantial done. This blog took significant effort and discipline to get everything from the brand to the website pulled together in time for launch. I have a procrastination problem and it's something I need to get under control. Especially if I want to get my creative ideas out into the world. Which I do. Desperately. I just need to focus on making progress. Only, the one thing I constantly struggle to keep in mind is that it takes one small step at a time to make progress and, as long as I'm making that progress, then I'm doing something right.

Of course...here you are...reading my rambling and staring at evidence of me and my small step to make progress. I hope this hasn't been a complete hot mess. I can promise you'll come across more of this ridiculousness on this blog and I hope that's not a turn off. I'm really good at rambling. But as long as I'm taking one small step at a time and making some progress, then I must be doing something right...right?