September Wellness Goals

Hello September! It's a new month so it's time for new wellness goals (and documentation of those goals so maybe I can hold myself accountable πŸ˜‚). The more I use essential oils, the more focused I become on all of the daily annoyances that I'd love to work on. From a subpar skincare routine to my diet there are so many things I want to work on and this will give me a way to manage and track those goals.


WELLNESS GOALS - My sleep schedule is all out of wack and leaving me waking up with migraines over and over. So I'd really love to get that under control. I'd also love to work on a meditation routine using some oils for emotional support after a bomb grounding exercise at EF retreat.


MONTHLY ER ORDER - I've added Surrender and Believe to my order to prepare for my meditation. They do wonders for releasing pent up emotions and I'm pretty excited to get them and start working with them. I also added SleepEssence after I scanned for it (using an iTovi scanner & frequencies). With this supplement it should be a lot easier to get my sleep schedule under control hopefully 🀞


MONTHLY PROMOS - I'm super excited for Oregano since it provides awesome immunity support perfect for the upcoming fall months (and I scanned for it too!). I am also majorly obsessed with cool azul 😍 so I'm pretty sure I need to reach that promo. That Oil Blend is a pricey one and this would be the perfect opportunity to get it for free!