Think Dirty: The One App That Will Forever Change Your Life

Before I can tell you anything about the green beauty choices I've made in the past year and explain a single thing about my current beauty routine... I have to tell you about the application that changed my life. About 6 months ago, my life was an endless supply of makeup and skin care from numerous subscription boxes (ipsy, birchbox, sephora play....I had them all). I was happily drowning in all of the make up I could get my hands on and I tried sample after sample looking for the perfect products to add to my beauty routine.

In the past year, I've put a lot of effort into cleaning up my hair routine (more on this's been a long hard fought journey. All I gotta say for now.....screw sulfates). In the process of trying every single dry shampoo known to man, and searching for a shampoo/conditioner combo that's better for my hair, I came across a phone app designed to open consumers eyes to the dangerous chemicals in the products we use every day. And boy...were my eyes opened.


This wondrous application is called Think Dirty and y'all should go download it right now. It's designed to allow you to search and scan their extensive collection of personal and hygiene products to find out more information about their ingredients. Once you've found the product in question, you can review the ingredients and the consequences of using them. Then the app goes a step further and suggest more green alternatives to the product you've scanned. It will help you shop clean and pick products that don't have hidden chemicals with devastating side effects.

The thing is...we all try to watch the food we eat and nourish our body with. But not many of us take the time to truly think about the products we buy and put on the largest organ in our body - our skin. Honestly, the more you think about it, the more terrifying it becomes. There's all kinds of crazy crap in some of the most innocent of products. The kind of crazy unknown chemicals that cause cancer and allergic reactions. So...not the kinda chemicals you want to mess around with. The personal care industry is vastly unregulated after all, allowing companies to use the words "organic" and "natural" without doing a single thing to make the product natural in any way. Take the ingredient "fragrance" for example. Companies use this very general word to hide dangerous chemicals from the consumer they use to add synthetic fragrance to their products. If companies are willing to lie to us about the fragrances they use, what else are they lying to us about?

Luckily this app can help you identify and remove these chemicals from the products you use every day. As someone with sensitive skin who was constantly wondering why my cheeks were red (and covering it up with foundation) I've been able to identify the products I use with allergens and inflammatory ingredients. Now those products have been replaced with more natural alternatives and my skin has never been healthier.

If you've been looking for a way to help clean up your beauty routine, look no further. Since starting to use Think Dirty, I've switched my products to better alternatives from clean brands like Juice Beauty, Thayers and Bite Beauty. I've even begun creating my own facial oil blends using oils that are good for my oily skin and I've seen considerable improvement in texture and oil production. My beauty routine is slowly evolving to become a complete dream and I owe it all to Think Dirty.