meagan beach

Meagan is a social service coordinator by day, wellness and essential oil educator by night. Her passion is helping others; both by advocating for the children she works with, and helping women achieve their wellness goals. She can usually be found with a cup of coffee in hand or talking about how she could really use a cup of coffee. She lives with Dillon, her husband, Winston the orange cat, and Chester the dachshund pup. 

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kerra sunderlin

Kerra is a graphic designer and, in true gemini fashion, has far too many interests to keep up with. Lately she's been focusing her efforts on her natural skin care blog, the Bliss & Bergamot Private Education Group and whatever new project catches her attention that week. A true Enneagram addict, she's a Type Seven personality with an Eight wing. She loves teaching and sharing about plant based beauty and lifestyle and truly enjoys meeting new people.

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