Get Started with a Starter Kit!

The best way to get started with Essential Oils is hands down one of Young Living's Premium Starter Kits! You have a number of awesome options but the kits with the diffusers and 11 essential oils are hands down the most popular.

To view the full list of starter kits on the Young Living website, please click here.

Each kit comes with a Product Guide and the awesome Essential Oil magazine. You'll also gain access to private facebook groups for our parent team, Essential Families, as well as the Bliss & Bergamot Education group.

Our favorite kit (the Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist diffuser) is such a good deal. You get 11 oils, a diffuser, samples, and support all for $160! That’s over $300 worth of products for half the price! I can’t get over how generous Young Living is to offer such an amazing deal. Not to mention the oils in the kit are so versatile, we use most of them every day in so many different ways.

Now we know that signing up for a membership is a little concerning. But this isn’t some binding contract where you’re stuck selling oils for us until you die. This is a membership to access a catalog of amazing products that will change your life, improve your health and find plant based replacements for all of the chemicals in your life. There’s no monthly minimums and no pressure to sell a single oil to anyone. But there is also a lot of opportunity in joining YL if you show interest in the business side of it. Simply by referring a friend you can earn $50! It doesn’t get much better than that!

But we can get into all of this goodness (and more!) after you’ve bought your kit and we're so excited for you to join us!